First-Time Home Buying Guide

First-Time Home Buying Guide

Buying your first home is a big deal for everyone. There are so many things to consider, decisions to make, and negotiating to do that you may feel very overwhelmed. Don’t lose sight of the most important thing—it’s also an exciting and fun process. The excitement can lead first-time homebuyers to make potentially costly rookie mistakes. While there isn’t a set of rules that everyone must follow, there is a basic format and process for home buying. Skipping the steps could lead to delays and prevent you from getting your house. TrustLink has put together a first-time home buying guide, so you can get an idea of what to expect.

Get Pre-Qualified

Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage will do two things. First, it will tell you how much house you can afford. Second, it will tell realtors and sellers that you have the means to purchase your desired property. This step saves a lot of time and effort down the road. It prevents you from looking at homes you can’t afford.

Browse the Sites

Think about where you want to buy and start looking at the real estate sites. Get an idea of what is available in the area you want to buy and how expensive the homes are. Decide what things you must have in your home and what you can live without.

Contact a Realtor

Having a realtor find you a house isn’t a must, but it really helps. They know where the good neighborhoods are and when places come on the market. TrustLink Mortgage has the realtor partners you need to find your ideal home. Call us today for your realtor referral, and we will put you in touch with someone in your area.

Tour Available Homes

The realtor will set up showings of available houses for you. When touring properties, look for things that might need repairs, such as cracks in the foundation, a leaky roof, or water in the basement. Look for any red flags and move on to the next one. View as many houses as you need until you find the one for you.

Negotiate the Price

Once you find the house for you, make an offer and prepare to negotiate. Home prices are set with the expectation that someone will offer less. If you don’t make an offer, you could end up overpaying. However, in desirable areas, a bidding war could break out and the seller ends up getting more than they asked. Listen to the realtor’s advice and make your decision.


Now that you’ve read our first-time home buying guide, contact the team at TrustLink Mortgage today to get pre-qualified.